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😍 Anti Blue Light Glass - Kids Choice

😍 Anti Blue Light Glass - Kids Choice - Luminousedgestore

😍 Anti Blue Light Glass - Kids Choice

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Protect your Kids against harmful blue ray the smart way!

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Just as adults are exposed to Digital Eye Strain, so are kids. Nowadays, kids are more glued to their gadgets than ever before - hence exposed to the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. The need to protect them from further exposure to blue light from their gadgets should be a concern.

This Anti Blue Light Glass is perfect for kids and its unisex.

πŸ’‹Protects against Blue Light Hazards

πŸ’‹Environmental Protection Frame

πŸ’‹Soft Mirror Leg Design

πŸ’‹Comfortable Nose Pad

πŸ’‹TAC Resin Lens Material

πŸ’‹Acetate Frame & Temple Material



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