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🏆Award Winning PC ScreenBar LED Light

🏆Award Winning PC ScreenBar LED Light - Luminousedgestore

🏆Award Winning PC ScreenBar LED Light

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When working all day, Don’t abuse your eyes!  ...Keep Digital Eye Strain at bay the creative way!

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In this era of Internet of Things, IoT, computers are indispensable tool for work, study, entertainment and games, but with accompanied health challenge known as Computer Vision Syndrome, CVS.

CVS, also known as Digital Eye Strain, describes a group of eye and vision problems that results from prolonged use of computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone.

Researches have shown that on the average, an American worker spends seven (7) hours daily on the computer either in the office or working from home and are severely exposed to CVS.


At Luminous Edge, we urge you to face this head-on before it develop to full blown uncorrected vision problem.

You are faced with too bright/too dim screen problem and have tried out many ways to protect yourself, yet no result? ….and you can't stop working without a computer!

Luminous Edge's 🏆Award Winning PC ScreenBar LED Light is the perfect solution. It is a revolutionary lighting system with automatic dimmer and asymmetric optical design that illuminates the work space with just USB power and Zero reflective glare off the screen.

PC ScreenBar LED Light is designed to stay above the screen with high efficiency, energy saving, flexible lighting angle and Eco friendly.

You may want to check the comparison between Traditional Reading Lamp and Luminous Edge's Award Winning PC ScreenBar LED Light down below 👇👇👇👇


Would you wait to develop full blown uncorrected vision problem as a result of prolonged usage of the computer before taking reactive steps?

Be proactive now!

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  • EYE-CARING: Soft, stable, non-flickering, and eliminates eye strain and fatigue.
  • STANDARD COMPLIANCE: Complies with American National Standard practice for office lighting 500 lux recommendation (1000 lux in the center).
  • Angle Adjustments for Optimized Lighting.
  • STEPLESS DIMMING: Rotate the knob to adjust brightness freely and meet the brightness needs of different environments.
  • THREE COLOR TEMPERATURE: One touch switching between three light modes – white, warm and mixed lights. Color Temperature ranges from 2900k – 5000k.
  • Save More Space: No lamp base needed.
  • USB Power Supply Design.
  • Anti blue light, stroboflash free LED light and environmentally friendly.
  • Low power consumption



  • Brand Name: BASEUS
  • Body Material: Aluminium alloy + PC
  • Light Source: LED Bulbs
  • Light Direction: Adjustable
  • Switch Type: Push Button Switch
  • Power Rating: 5W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power Source: AC
  • Is Dimmable: Yes
  • Product Weight: 0.65kg




Traditional Lamp VS XplicitDeals' Baseus ScreenBar LED Light 

Traditional Reading Lamp VS XplicitDeals' Baseus ScreenBar LED Light

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