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Portable Detoxifying Water Bottle

Portable Detoxifying Water Bottle - Luminousedgestore

Portable Detoxifying Water Bottle

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Enjoy the benefits of hydrogen enriching water in portable form!

Make any source of water clean, trusted, healthy, and safe wherever you go and treat yourself to the privilege and security of always enjoying clean detoxified and hydrogenated water with our Portable Detoxifying Water Bottle.

Simply power it ON, and in only 3 minutes, your regular water will be enriched with up to 900+ PPB of infused hydrogen.

With only 3 short minutes, you can cycle & detoxify 500ml of water, remove harmful contaminants (Lead, Bacteria, & Viruses) from your drinking water and enrich with it hydrogen so generated.

It is light and portable! So it fits in all standard cupholders and places where conventional water bottles normally fit.

Wondering What Hydrogen Does For The Body?

Easily put, Hydrogen H2, is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the body, helping to protect cellular damage and therefore, decreasing disease risk.

Hydrogen as antioxidant helps in the management of weight loss, aging, dehydration, improved memory in aged, low cholesterol, detoxification and improved cellular health etc.

Models want to keep shape, athletes want to keep fit, ladies likes their skin glowing, aged relishes memories and everyone craves good health and metabolism.

Drinking hydrogen water can give you more energy, slow the aging process (including its effects on your skin) and even speed muscle recovery after a workout. 

No more need for that current energy drink - Our Portable Detoxifying Water Bottle serves as both water detoxifier and hydrogen generator.

A perfect product and great value for money!

Give Yourself a Cup of Healthy Water Always and Say Goodbye to Free Radicals Safely! @ 25% OFF Today!


How It Works:

1. Add water.
2. Press the power button.
3. Enjoy.

It's that simple!

Is There A Filter That I Have To Replace?

The Detoxifying Water Bottle is a self-sufficient water detoxifier that utilizes self-cleaning smart titanium plates to filter out toxins and infuse hydrogen to enrich the water. This system is 100% sustainable with no parts needing regular replacing.

High-quality glass and stainless steel components make it infinitely reusable and infinitely easier for you to reduce your plastic waste output.

Is It Rechargeable?

Yes. The Detoxifying Water Bottle features a rapid charging USB system. Our bottle does not require a permanent outlet connection to detoxify your water.

Charge it in the car, from your laptop, or anywhere. Simply plug in your Detoxifier Bottle Water with the provided USB cable and charge.


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